Moto E4 plus is the best


My Moto E4 plus is the best phone hands down. Big battery and long time between charges.


Hi @josephs.humgw3,

We’re glad to hear you are enjoying it!

You had the Ascend before, right? Other than the battery, are there other ways it is an improvement over the Ascend? Is there anything about the Ascend you miss or had to adjust to?


The ascend had a bad user interface that made the processor slow, E4 plus is the fast speedy processor, it had a very small ui over Android, screen is good and colors show well.


Oh and it has nano coat for water proofing, overall it’s a faster phone than ascend


Thanks for adding the additional comparisons, @josephs.humgw3, these are all good points for people to know about and keep in mind as they make purchasing decisions.


You r welcome, one thing is we stayed with republic cuz it is the best