Moto E4 plus - keep losing wifi at home

Hi !

I have a Moto E4 plus, up to date.
At home, it keeps loosing is Wifi connection, I have to turn the Wifi off then on to get it back. It is the only device that does that .
We moved to a new place 3 weeks ago so it seems to be the issue, router issue or something like that ? I read that I could check something on our router to make it better but no idea what that means really and I’m suppose to do. can anyone make it clearer/easier for me ? Thank you.
Also, I read something about the bluetooth so I just turn it off. I’ll see in a bit if that helped.

Thank you very much.

Hello @sophiel.m2ocqs
for the router issue the first thing to do is to reboot the full system (Modem, Router, Cell phone) some internet providers have a combo Modem/Router so this may only be one device
if you can provide the name of the router some of us may be able to pull more detail from a user manual, the following is a good base line for what the setting should be


Good morning,

Thank you fro your answer. I followed the power cycle network already and will see if it got better.

I also installed the Wifi Analyser but not sure I get it completely. There’s a tone of different connection my phone detect and I can’t even find mine in all of those. But I got into the cannel rating and my connection got all the star and a full green bar - not sure which one is important but in comparaison to the other Wifi detected, it looks good, right ?

We do have a modem/router combo, it is an At&T Uverse, model number 5268AC FXN. Can’t find any other significant name on it.

Would you do something else next or just wait a bit to see if it got better already ?

Thank you for your support !

Can you post a screen shot of the WiFi Analyser
I was able to locate the user manual here

section 3 (page 15) deals with setting up the gateway (WiFI and LAN)

also tagging @Jben to see if he has any suggestions

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Thank you. I’ll have a look later but not sure i’ll understand anything. I already had an hard time finding my snapshot of the Wifi analyser - couldn’t find it on my phone even though I took it repeatedly - so I choose to share it via email, hope you’ll be able to use that !

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>

It keeps changing - as it should - and on this one, my network can actually be seen, it is the ATT3n… I couldn’t see it before.

And I’m happy to say that I didn’t loose my connection on my phone for the past hour :slight_smile:

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Among the things to check is to see if the WiFi channel your router is using might be interfered with by other WiFi networks on the same channel. You can use WiFi Analyzer to show which channel all detectable WiFi signals are broadcasting on. Ideally, a router will detect a crowded channel and switch to a less crowded channel. But, don’t count on it. Best to see for yourself if you need to assign a different channel in the router setup. If you do, the rule is to always use channel 1, 6 or 11.

Also, if you have a cordless home phone, make sure it isn’t sitting next to the WiFi router. They both operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, which can potentially cause this and other problems with your WiFi network.

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