Moto E4 Plus Now Available at Republic Wireless!



Today we’re excited to announce that the new Moto E4 Plus is now available in our online store for $199

Note: At this time, the Moto E4 Plus is only compatible with our GSM network. It will not be compatible on our CDMA network until later this year.

Moto Z2 Play -- Network Compatibility Clarification Needed

What is the difference between the Moto G series and the Moto E series and the Moto X series? Do we just assume that any phone with the higher list price has more frills than a cheaper phone? Or is there something inherent about these three product lines that is different? Thanks.


There is a comparison on the Motorola website:


Prior to the Moto Z the Moto X series were the flagship models.

G series is considered mid-tier and affordable for Moto.

E series basic budget phones with decent specs.