Moto E4 plus phone case


I need a case for my E4 plus. I ordered one and when it arrived I found to my surprise it was the wrong size. Perhaps I got sent the wrong one or perhaps the E4 Plus comes in two editions! My phone is 15 1/2 x 7 1/2 (cm). The case I got was 14 1/2 x 7 3/4. So what do you think? If I got sent the wrong case is there any way of decreasing the odds that doesn’t happen again? And if the E4 Plus comes in two editions, what are they called and how do I make sure I am ordering the right one??


There are 2 E4s the E4 and the E4 Plus. Are you sure you did not get the basic E4 case instead?


I know I ordered the E4 Plus. But the model number is nowhere on the
case so I can’t check. It has three buttons running down the left hand
side, if that helps. (My E4 Plus only has two.) Anyway, are you
reasonably sure that the E4 Plus itself does not come in two editions?
Like, I don’t know, a national and an international or something?


Hi @fhapgood,

Do you still have a link to the case you ordered, perhaps in a confirmation E-mail? If we could see that, we could possibly better figure out what went wrong.

There are different international versions, and they have different model numbers. The E4+ Republic Wireless supports is the XT1775.


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