Moto e4 plus screen color gone

I have a moto e4 plus phone. The screen color has switched to some off the wall effect… The screen itself is fine because when I reboot the phone the colors are all correct. The second the phone reboots the effect returns

I have a moto e4 plus–4g plan and yes dta is included

@johnb.tryf2a - welcome to the Community. As a first troubleshooting step I suggest you try booting the phone in safe mode. This will disable all third-party apps. It does not remove them, just disables them. If the color problem goes away then the problem is probably related to a third-party app. Even a recent update to an app could case the problem.

Here’s a “How to” for enabling safe mode.

I think this “How to” covers your phone. Others may offer some other troubleshooting steps if this doesn’t lead us in the right direction.

in safe mode and issue still present

Should also check a couple of settings to make sure they did not get “bumped” by chance. Here’s some things for the E4 that I think apply to the E4 Plus.

Maybe you can do a screen capture and post it so everyone can see the color issue you’re trying to describe?


Hi @johnb.tryf2a,

Are you still having trouble with your Moto E4’s screen color?

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