Moto E4 Plus Visual Voicemail Not Working

What phone do you have?
RW Moto E4 Plus

What plan are you on?
Have Migrated to the Verizon Network

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Unlimited plan with 15Gb high speed data per month.

Issue Description

Purchased RW Moto E4 Plus several months ago. The coverage wasn’t sufficient and moved to the Verizon Network. Now visual voicemail doesn’t work.
Is there something different in the RW software load and phone app that needs to be changed or perhaps re-installed in order to work when I move a phone away from RW?

You ported to Verizon and no longer a R.W. customer, correct?
If that is the case, you will need to contact VZW.
I think they have their own paid monthly Visual VM app and service you have to use.

Also, there is not a “R.W” version of the E4. The version R.W uses is the straight up North American Factory unlocked model with no modifications. Considered a Unlocked, Bring Your Own Phone to VZW.

There is Help and FAQ on the VZW site on how to sign up and activate their VVM Basic and Premium Services.

Only thing i see off hand is be sure Power Save and Data saver is off, and that VVM is not supported on Pre-Paid accounts.

Not sure if that service is supported on BYOP phones with no VZW software backed into them.

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Hi @douglashensley,

There is nothing about a Moto E4 Plus that was bought from Republic Wireless that is different from any other Factory unlocked, North American Moto E4 Plus bought elsewhere. There’s no software build specific to Republic.

Did you uninstall or disable the Republic Wireless app when you moved the phone to Verizon?

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I was unable to uninstall the RW app, but did disable it.
Was that a necessary step or a mistake?

If you think there is a conflict, I was suggesting it as a step to troubleshoot that conflict. It would not be a mistake, there’s no harm done by removing or disabling the Republic app. In order to fully uninstall the app, you would have to perform a Factory Reset.

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The basic answer is, Verizon hates factory unlocked phones… A quick Google search shows they generally don’t support a number of features including Visual Voicemail and Wi-fi Calling with Unlocked phones. Here are some conversations on this:


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