Moto E4 previously on Metro PCS

Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

I was on a work trip in April and my phone quick working, I purchased a Moto e4 from Metro PCS to get me through the trip and thought that after 6 months it would unlock. I planned to give it to my son and it would work on RW, because my daughter had an e4. It seems I was able to get it to unlock but RW report I get is that the phone isn’t fit.

Please help.

Good Morning, @johnw.oz1w2j,

As much as we’d like to I fear we’re not not to be able to provide the answer you hope for. Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service requires a factory unlocked Moto E4. Generally, carrier branded variants (even once unlocked) won’t work.

Please share with us the software channel. Here’s how to find that info out: How to Find the Software Channel on Motorola Phones – Republic Help.

That’s what I was afraid of.

Here is the software channel “metropcs”.

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Me too.

I’m sorry to say there is nothing that can be done to make that software channel work with Republic (locked or unlocked).

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