Moto e4 resetting itself

I just got my phone today. I got it started up, apps installed, activated, and it’s working on a number port. The phone, however, has restarted itself or turned off about 20 times since I turned it on the first time. It’s fully charged, it did it either fully charged or not charged much at all.

My husband got the same phone today (just different color) and his has not done this at all.

Is this something I can fix or do I have to submit to get another one? If the latter, How do I do that? This is my first time with everything Republic.

Hi @sheebaw.gj8mbc
First off what phone did you buy? I am guessing a new Motorola phone.
It sounds like the phone didn’t totally activate or there’s an app messing the phone up. One more thought is I wouldn’t have started a port till the phone did all it’s updated because it does reboot a number of times in this Process.
You can plug it in and let it sit and see if it gets done updating. After a couple hours you should be in the clear. After the 2 hrs if still having issues you can try Safemode , this will run the phone without the apps you installed. If the Safemode has the phone acting up yet then I suggest a Factory Reset. This will make the phone like you just took it out of the box. After the Factory Reset just start over and set the phone up all over again, Sorry!

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If the steps that @bocephous do not stop the rebooting I would create a ticket with Republic Tickets | Republic Wireless (assuming Republic is where you purchase the phone if not then contact the seller)
Motorola also has a 1 year warranty

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@bocephous, yeah, I got the Moto E4. I left it overnight and it again shut off. I will have to see what it does this morning, and try all of your suggestions. I sure hope it works! Sure would be a lot easier than sending it back.

I did add apps before I activated the phone to Republic’s plan. However, so did my husband with no issues.

Thank you for all your ideas!

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@drm186, Yeah, we got it straight from Republic. Brand new. That’s why I’m confused about it. I’m going to try @bocephous’s suggestions, and if that doesn’t work, Ticket will be my next route. Thank you for the links!


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