Moto E4 show SIM error on power up. It has already been activated, and updated

I received my Moto E4 this evening. Thank you for the quick shipping. Activation went without issue, and the phone has been updated. After charging the battery and powering up the phone again, I received notice on the screen that it was not activated, “insert SIM.” I have had to do this three times already. It is inserted properly, and seated. This occured twice while on battery power only, and once with the charger plugged in. This phone came with a GSM SIM, we learned when I ordered this model for my wife when only GSM was available that the GSM coverage was poor. I tested this one and it has the same issue. Republic resolved that issue with a CDMA capable phone. I waited to order the E4 until CDMA was available. I have submitted a trouble ticket for this phone, even though I have only had it a few hours. The Ticket number is 1309766. Although the ticket on the phone my wife had is closed the ticket number for that time was #1255545. If the SIM is defective, I would like to have a CDMA SIM sent. This is the Moto E4, not the E4 Plus. I know from past experience that Republic will take care of this issue, and I decided to go ahead and bring it up, as it mirrors the same problems as the first E4 when only GSM was available. I waited for CDMA to be available before ordering an E4 for myself. Sadly, even though your GSM provider shows good coverage in my Zip Code, it’s just not the case I have already tested the phone in the locations in this area as I did when we had the issue before. I have of course not been able to test it at locations further away. I hope we can resolve this quickly, I like my phone. I really like Republic Wireless. Thank you for your help.

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Hi @pauls.i2l633,

I have two Help Articles for you to review. The E4 required a couple of updates due to a software issue causing the modem to misbehave. These articles will walk you through the steps to update the phone so it can be activated.

We can also address the coverage issue, but let’s see if we can get the phone activated since we can’t get a SIM card to you before Tuesday at this point.

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I am doing the update now, my apologies, I thought I had performed all of the updates. The phone is working fine on wifi. The SIM error started after the phone was activated. I have only made out bound calls. I realize it’s the weekend. I hope I didn’t come across as rude.

No sir, you absolutely did not come across as rude, and you have every right to expect a new phone to work!

This has been a perplexing issue on the E4, and I’m not surprised to read that you thought you had done all the updates - they do not necessarily make themselves available without a little coaxing, sometimes.

I added a note to your ticket to let the team know I had sent you the instructions to update your phone. If you’ll please follow up in the ticket and let them know the results once the update is done, and remind them that you’ll need a CDMA SIM card, they can take those next steps. Although I’m signing off for the night, we have technicians working support tickets around the clock, so you’ll likely get a quicker response there. I’ll check in on you tomorrow.

Thanks for letting us know you needed some assistance, and for your continued confidence that we’ll make things right.

I have performed the update, and rebooted afterwards to activate. It is showing a Build Number of NPQS26.69-27-3, I will repeat the process and see if it will update further as the build number seems to be below the version in the article. I have performed another update, the build number seems to be correct now, it is NPQ26.69-41-4-1.

Edit: 5:48 AM CST, the phone seemed to reboot itself during the night, upon awakening this morning, it showed the SIM error ("please Activate Your Phone). I powered off the phone, and started it back up. There was no SIM error indicated on power up. I have also given this information on the Help Ticket. Hopefully the gremlins will leave this phone.


Good morning @pauls.i2l633!

I’m glad to read the phone is finally up to date! That should take care of the SIM card error, and I see the team has already started the process to get your CDMA SIM card on its way to you. I’ve updated your ticket to remind them you had already confirmed the shipping address - there were a lot of addresses in that one reply from you (for good reason) and it was overlooked. Sorry.

Your ticket is in excellent hands.

I’ll also submit some feedback on your Zip code to the team that manages the selection of CDMA- or GSM- outfitted phones. Maybe the next time you need a new phone, we’ll get it right!


Republic has gotten a lot right. We will just call this a hiccup.


I wanted to let everyone know that I received my replacement SIM today (01/25/2018) and all is well. My cell signal is great. Thank you to everyone for your help, and as usual, Republic has solved my problem. Disclaimer: I have been with Republic Wireless since 2015, and I have had few issues. This has only been my second major issue. Both times, they were resolved quickly and promptly.


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