Moto E4 Sim Card Swap to CDMA

If one has a GSM-based Moto E4 with RW, is it possible to swap the GSM sim card with a 3rd party provider’s CDMA sim card to temporarily (a few days) get better coverage in a GSM coverage dead zone?

Yes it the phone is unlocked and can use any providers SIM that will allow on their network
If you transfer your Republic number to this temp provider you would be deactivating your SIM, this SIM would then have 20 days before it will go bad and a new one would be needed on your return to Republic.

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Hi @peterkmiami,

Presuming Sprint’s coverage would be adequate, the better solution might be to request a Republic CDMA SIM for your E4 as outlined by Republic here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help. While not exactly standard practice, it isn’t terribly difficult to go back and forth between Republic GSM and CDMA SIMs.


So, if I bought the RW Moto E4, would your answer still apply?

Ok, that seems to answer my question.

I just purchased a RW S7 to replace one of our T-mobile phones. I was thinking of replacing the other T-mobile phone with the Moto E4 that would allow a switch to CDMA when in troublesome MGS coverage areas.

Hi @peterkmiami,

Please keep in mind each swap between RW GSM & CDMA SIMs requires an complete phone/line activation process. You’ll need access to both WiFi and the cell networks to complete the swaps. Do I Need WiFi to Setup and Activate My Phone? – Republic Help You will need to go through the routine of of choosing number to move to phone and level of My Choice plan. I’ve done it several times and it’s like SOP to me.


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