Moto E4/Sim card


I have the E4 and I was wondering if I could switch over to the Sprint Sim card? T-mobile does not have good signal in my area. I’m a pastors wife and need coverage where I can.


Hi @krish.t5tqok,

Switching SIM cards is something that requires our help from our Support team. Take a look at this help article, as it will help you with the process:


At first it was showing that the sim card wasn’t activated,but now it is…? Tried taking a screenshot of the page with the IMEI # but it didn’t get the number in it…


Tips and Tricks - IMEI Request. IMEI = Phone ID.

If you go into your account portal - Phones, it will have the ID towards the bottom of the phone(s) account information. It’s small and light green making it hard to notice if using a small screen. If using a PC or Mac it’s much easier to see, copy and paste, then add to your ticket than making a screenshot and acceptable by Support.



Actually, we’re looking for the IMEI from the phone itself, not from the account portal.


Hi @krish.t5tqok,

Why not try it a day or so now that the SIM card has fully activated and see what you think?

If you can’t get a screenshot that includes the IMEI, you might also try dialing * # 06 # and then add the number that appears to your ticket.

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