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New phone, privately purchased, motorola E4. My son, phone number■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■wants to replace his Moto x 1st Gen. Purchased Republic SIM card, installed correctly (double checked and watched video to be sure), updated phone, restarted phone. Still receiving error message saying “phone is approved by Republic” but asks us to purchase a SIM card, when a Republic SIM card is already installed. I suppose it’s not recognizing the SIM card?

Hi @melodiew,

It may be your son’s new to him Moto E4 is not yet as updated as it needs to be. There is a known issue with some Moto E4s not being able to see their SIMs if not sufficiently updated. Please see if this helps:


Hi @melodiew,

I’ve replied on the ticket you opened on this matter, and await your response there.

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