Moto E4: Spam calls driving me nuts

How can I block all calls that are not in my contact list? I’ve tried several apps that say they can do this, but often they either don’t work or even block people that are in my contact list. Any help?

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have a Moto E4. I’ve tried at least ten apps, can’t remember which ones. But since I wrote you, I’ve discovered the priority setting on the phone. I didn’t realize it was there. I’ve now turned it on so that I can only receive calls from those in my contact list. I had a couple of friends call me just to make sure they weren’t blocked. So far so good. I’ll know tomorrow if it blocks spam callers. By the way, I’ve had RW’s spam setting turned on, and it didn’t seem to block many calls. I’m really hoping the priority setting does the trick. I’ve been getting calls from foreign countries as well as US A. Thanks again for answering.

Hi @robertl.o429qc,

I’ve had hundreds of those calls in the past, I’ve been a bit nuts most of my life and the spam calls almost drove me over the edge during several periods during my six years and a handful of phones with RW.

The newer RW blocker seems to work pretty well for me after several underlying number changes by changing from CDMA to GSM networks over the years. The other app based blockers I used were hit & miss and IMO required too much input from me.

There’s a chance changing your RW underlying number may help. I believe members can still request to have it change by opening a Support Help ticket. The spam calls many mobile users are subjected to target all numbers but sometimes we we end up with a bummer number with past history.

If you’re receiving spam or unwanted calls, request a different underlying Sprint number (It’s used by your phone to implement cellular service and may be recycled from a previous owner.)
First 30 Days Guide – Republic Help


Thanks for the advice. I’ve turned on the “Do Not Disturb” feature on my Moto E4. I’ve got it set to accept only callers who are on my contact list. So far it’s worked perfectly. I didn’t realize that feature could do that; thought the do not disturb was for all calls. If this doesn’t work, maybe I’ll take your advice.

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