Moto E4 stopped connecting to Wifi

My Moto E4 stopped connecting to wifi last night and still isn’t working. It shows both of my home networks, and for each says “Authentication problem.” (Last night it wouldn’t even say that. It just said “Saved” but wouldn’t connect.)

I think my phone has been not connecting to wifi some in the past when it should have, because my cell data is being used at times when it should not. But this is the first time it has disconnected from wifi so completely rather than the occasional blip.

Nothing has changed about my internet in that time, and the wifi is working for other devices in my house. I’ve tried forgetting both of the networks and then reconnecting, which has not worked. I’d be grateful for any ideas to try!

Both of these symptoms point to the same thing, the wrong password for the network. That said, if you’re absolutely sure that you have the right network password and nothing has changed about that there are rare ocassions where a network and a device stop liking each other for some reason. In that case the solution is usually this:

  1. Forget the network on the phone
  2. Power off the phone
  3. While the phone is powered off remove the power to the wifi router, count to 10 and then restore the power.
  4. Wait for the router to come completely back up (other devices have connected)
  5. Power on the phone and reconnect to the router

This usually resolves the issue and applies even when it appears every other device on the network is working properly.


Thanks! That did the trick.


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