Moto E4 stopped recognizing Republic sim card

I’ve had Republic for about 3 months, and everything was working great until today. The Republic app gives me the message “Awesome! Your phone is supported by Republic” and has a button for “Buy a Republic Sim Card”. When I first noticed I couldn’t get service, I think the phone at least recognized that I was with Republic because it told me how much data I had used on my plan, but now it says I’ve used zero. I know very little about cell phones, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I used my phone as a hotspot for the first time yesterday. That may not be related, but it seems to be a strange coincidence that my phone started having issues for the first time…and yesterday and today, I’m out of my usual geographical area…I’m just trying to think of anything that has changed.

Hi @matt90024,

Please see if this helps:


Thanks! That did it.


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