Moto E4 suddenly burns thru cell data while at home with wifi available


My wife’s Moto E4 Plus, on the My Choice + 1GB plan, lately refuses to stay on wifi and constantly cuts over to cell, despite having three wireless routers throughout the house it can connect to.

Yesterday I got an email that said she had 25% of data left, and today she texted me and said she got a message that she’s almost out, with less than a week to go. She sent me a screenshot of the RW ‘see where your data is going’ screen, and the cell data usage has massively spiked over the last 4 days. Besides calls and text, she mostly just goes on facebook (and not anymore recently than usual).

She’s restarted her phone a number of times and even applied an update, but tells me it’s “still acting weird”. Our daughter also has an E4 Plus on the same plan, and she has plenty of data left.

Any thoughts?


not staying connected to wifi is the 1st thing to look at

could be an app
cache need to be cleared
reset router / modem
the list can go on and on

start with the basics and work upwards…


I determined that it is not the modem or router, because we have two (sometimes three) other RW phones in the house (one is also an E4 Plus) that do not have the same problem. I made a couple of adjustments that appeared to help, most notable being to turn on the data saver feature, and the massive consumption of cell data which took place earlier this week seems to have abated. I’m glad to see the problem seems to be gone, but I wish I knew what caused it in the first place. If several more days pass w/o the problem resurfacing, I’ll consider it ‘solved’.




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