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Sometime after receiving a notification about the Republic Wireless maintenance update last week my phone no longer began to send text messages or receive voicemails without WiFi. To my knowledge I wasn’t receiving text messages without WiFi either. My parents in another state said they dealt with this also but theirs was more sporadic but my brother-in-law says his is the same as mine. Everything works fine on WiFi but if I drive away from home, a notification pops up saying I can’t text without WiFi. My phone’s system is updated to my knowledge and I’ve restarted the phone multiple times.

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

As a first step, please open the Republic app on your E4. Does it invite you to buy a SIM even though you already have one in the phone?

If so, please see here: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help.

If not, please let us know.

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No. If I open the app and then click on the four tabs on top, none of them suggests that.

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

You mention no access to text messaging or voicemail when away from WiFi. Do you have cellular data enabled? I appreciate it’s counterintuitive but the design of Republic’s blended service requires cellular data to be on. Please note cellular data used for text messaging and accessing voicemail is included in the cost of the talk and text portion of your plan. One only pays more for cellular data used for Internet access.

Please have a look at the following:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Data usage.
  3. Verify Cellular data is toggled on and Data saver is toggled off.
  4. Tap the back arrow.
  5. Tap More.
  6. Tap Cellular networks.
  7. Verify Data roaming is toggled on.

If the above doesn’t solve the experience, is the experience limited to text messaging and voicemail access or are calls impacted as well?

I went through those and everything is fine. Calls are not impacted. Voicemail shows up as something I have to call and put in my password to get messages as opposed to directly playing them off the phone. A text message will continually cycle back to Not Sent. Let me see if I can wander from the house so I can screen shot what it says when I am away from WiFi.

From your screenshot you are roaming, Republic phones have no data for user while roaming, visual voicemail and texting requires data which should be there even when roaming but that can be hit or miss.
Where you roaming before when the texting and visual voicemail was working?

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

To see what might be done about the coverage experience, may we trouble you further for a zip code? Additionally, may we know if the SIM in your E4 is GSM or CDMA. Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

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My SIM Card is a GSM. I live in 68949 but spend a lot of time in a city of 30,000 nearby and can’t get anything there either even though I used to. I’ve also been on very rural roads and had no problems before now. I have family in two cities in AZ and they are having the same problem even though none have experienced this before the maintenance update started and we all have our own plans. I took that screenshot two doors down from my house and I’ve never had roaming of any kind pull up until I was at least 10 miles away from town if at all.

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

I’m afraid I don’t have particularly good news for you. Coverage, according to the maps, in Holdrege is indeed roaming. If you plug the zip code you were kind enough to provide into Republic’s coverage check tool here; 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless, this is the message you’ll see:

Please note: Your zip code 68949 does not have cellular coverage.

This is Republic’s way of saying cellular coverage in your area is roaming. Roaming coverage is always going to be best effort with no guarantees and it does explain your experience. I’ll grant it does not explain why this wasn’t an issue for you before the recent maintenance window. That said, as I understand it, the maintenance pertained to back end account management tools and wouldn’t have impacted coverage.

Regarding your family member’s experience in AZ, that may or may not be curable. To opine on that, we would need their zip codes and also know whether the SIMs in their phones are GSM or CDMA.

I’m afraid this is very disconcerting. My parents zip code says they’re fine even though theirs was sporadic during the maintenance period. I spoke with them and they said they only experienced this issue during that time. My brother-in-law’s zip code also shows roaming as mine does but this is the first time his phone has shown roaming in his town just like mine is. Also, the map shows Kearney nearby as just fine with coverage and is a city of 30,000 but I get the same warning when I am there. Why could that have changed and why would I get a roaming signal in a place when the map says it’s fine? Also when I put in my actual address it says I’m fine for texting.

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

Among the things one must appreciate when doing business with Republic or other MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is they do not own the cellular network. They rely on their network partner(s) for that. When roaming is involved, those partners guarantee nothing in terms of coverage and this is why Republic states no cellular coverage in Holdrege. Worse, with roaming, the experience might change at any time with no notice to Republic because roaming agreements are among network owners and do not involve Republic in any way.

In Kearney, I see CDMA but not GSM coverage. You might very well improve your experience there by asking Republic to switch provisioned coverage on your E4 from GSM to CDMA. The how to on that from Republic is here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

As for your parents and brother-in law, it’s impossible for me to address their experience without knowing their location (zip code nothing more). In any event it sounds as if your parents are no longer experiencing an issue, so, perhaps, for them, the maintenance window is the explanation.

I fully appreciate I’m not supplying the answers you’re hoping for. I am, however, supplying facts as I understand them.

Thank you. I don’t mean my tone to be inconsiderate. Only confused. I appreciate all your help.

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

For what it’s worth, I don’t find your tone to be inconsiderate. Confusion and, perhaps, some frustration is perfectly understandable.

I genuinely wish I had more positive answers for you. I do believe it would be worthwhile for you to explore CDMA coverage with Republic staff. In Kearney, it should help. And, in Holdrege, CDMA roaming might be better than GSM roaming but again no guarantees on that.

But my map shows Kearney fine with GSM. Talk and text is what I am. I don’t need data to text, right?

Hi @kristinc.rrrpkc,

Please allow me to try and clear up the confusion. When one looks at Republic’s maps and sees " Data: Calls & Texts Only", that’s code for roaming. If the coverage were native there would be access to data.

Republic’s blended service does require data even for text messaging. Unlike data one might purchase for Internet access (which is entirely optional), Republic doesn’t charge extra for data used for text messaging. In theory, even when roaming, one has access to data for text messaging. The reality is because Republic doesn’t own the cellular network(s) and because roaming agreements don’t directly involve Republic, this cannot be guaranteed (regardless of what the maps might suggest).

Please do this:

  1. Start here: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless
  2. Click not in wherever Republic’s website thinks you are (presumably Holdrege)
  3. Enter the zip code for Kearney, then click >
  4. Click Next, Shop, then click Get a new phone

You’ll note toward the bottom of the list of phones Republic sells some are grayed out. These phones are GSM only (they lack the hardware for CDMA coverage).

Your E4 does have the hardware needed for CDMA coverage and that’s why I believe CDMA coverage is a better bet for you (at least in Kearney) than GSM.

When I went to the Get A New Phone and mine wasn’t listed. Then I went the the Buy A Sim Card and it said Please note: Our SIM card does not have coverage in Kearney, NE . I just used your other link about getting the SIM card that you posted earlier. Thank you.

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Correct, Republic no longer sells the E4. I pointed you to the store to illustrate GSM only phones wouldn’t work in Kearney. It wasn’t my intent to suggest that you buy a new phone.

Because Republic’s standalone SIM is GSM not CDMA.

I’m happy to hear that. Though no longer sold in Republic’s store, your E4 is capable of being provisioned for CDMA coverage.

You’re welcome!

They agreed the other card would be better so they’ll send me that and my brother-in-law says they are doing the same for him. Thanks@


Okay. New problem. Not sure if I should start a new thread. With the CDMI card, while I am home with the WI-FI, I don’t always receive my text messages and my calls sometimes cut out a bit. This didn’t happen with the GSM and since my phone should be using the internet for text messages I’m not sure what’s wrong now.

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