Moto E4 trying to recover photos deleted by accident


Hello, my daughter deleted by accident all the photos she took on march 20, I installed several different recovery apps, they are showing some deleted photos, but not the ones from March 20th. Any suggestions? It seems those photos went somewhere but I can’t see them. I looked on her google photos and there are not there. Help!!! It was all her photos at Disneyland, she’s devastated!!! She doesn’t have a SD card. Thanks!!1


go on line, computer
go to

upper left 3 lines
go down to trash and click on it to see if they are there

if so click on the check mark upper left of each picture
after in the upper right is a refresh symbol click on it, do not click on the trash can…

good luck


No, thanks, I had tried that already, they are not there… :frowning: I don’t understand where they went! and she doesn’t know what she did, she thought she was only deleting 1 photo… Thanks though.


did she archive them
or photo books them

if they are not in the photos, archive, or in photo books, or trash
then check her google drive

next open setting and docs on the phone and explore the various folders on the phone

other than these places I can’t think of where they may be…


don’t have an E4 but did a check on a G4+

tap the camera on the phone then swipe right to left to go into the gallery to see if they are there…


What do you by open “Setting and docs”?

They are not in the gallery when we tap the camera icon and swipe.


so you can explore all the folders on the phone to see if by some chance she moved them to like the music folder or the alarm sound folder or the android folders…


I just checked everywhere in her phone and no luck… I also connected it to my laptop, and searched via the lap top… no luck… I tried again disc digger and other recovery apps… still nothing… I need a miracle!!!


Hi @guylainei.zyy4eg
ES File Explorer File Manager
I use this app to see all files on a phone & a PC won’t see inside all files displayed. The phones pics are usually found on a DCIM file… ES file explorer has settings -->
Tools -->
scroll down to the Recycle bin, check inside anyways while your there when all files are shown but continue first,
this is where the slide buttons start. The 5th slide button is for --> Show hidden files & one needs to allow Hidden files. Then check the phones folders displayed to try and find the Pics. They should be there in the DCIM file or the recycle file. Look around in other files to see if they have been put one accidentally or incorrectly directed… There is a chance they are in the Google Photos cloud or in a Google Drive backup file folder. I would think if you can’t find them after all this then they have gone to the by & by.


I’ve used this brand of data recovery before only their tool for SD cards and PCs, here is link to their Android recovery tool:

Try the free version first and see what it comes up with. The photos that are recoverable will show up. If they don’t show up as recoverable, this means they were written over or too corrupted.

I’ve also used this app:

Both found the same recoverable photos.


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