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I want to upgrade my moto e2 phone to the e4. When I type in my zip code it says the e4 isn’t optimized for my area. What does this mean? IMO Republic’s service with the moto e2 is not optimized either as I constantly deal with dropped calls and voice echo even though I have WIFI. That said, how would e4 performance be different? My main need for upgrading is the 16 GB internal memory.



I’m sorry to say, the reason for the message is that the Moto E4 at this time only comes with the GSM carrier. Apparently in your area GSM coverage isn’t good, but CDMA is much better. This is one of many reasons that message appears.

Sprint which is the CDMA carrier, made some changes to their SIM cards, RW is working on getting these new SIM cards to work with their system. Hopefully in the near future this will be resolved.

I’m sure there are others in the Community, that can explain this much better than I can.


I am in the same camp as you with RW dropped call and badly distorted voice echoing calls even on WiFi that is good enough so that I can play Spotify perfectly; currently from what I understand most subscribers are on Sprint cell towers; now if one movest to the E4 phone one will move to the GSM based T-Mobile cell towers; this is likely to lead to further dropped call issues and even more voice echoing on voice calls; a good tactic is to buy a sim card and install 30 day prepaid T-Mobile cell service card to make sure that their are no voice call issues; if all is well with ones phone; then the error likes on RW’s end; definitely at that point take RW to task on that matter!


Thanks for the replies. I am with you, erolsdaniel58. One reason I switched to RW was the advertised WIFI hand-off capability. So far the service leaves much to be desired. T-mobile service is notoriously bad practically anywhere outside major urban areas/corridors so I would not even waste time testing their SIM card. Sprint is marginally better but Verizon is hands-down the best. The problem is that Verizon forces you to pay for voice and data capacity that I don’t need, whereas RW does not.

Sadly, I may have to bite the bullet and switch to Verizon unless RW gets its act together.


Yes, i hear you loud and clear also as well; try using another competing MVNO cell provider of which their are plenty to choose from; I use as they have a listing of nearly all of the known MVNO cell providers dynamically listed and updated;

now some of the known competing MVNO cell providers that I can safely say easily beat Republic Wireless; would be Total Wireless MVNO(they use Verizon cell network towers); they are also serviced at ones local Best Buy brick and mortor retail store; nothing like good old fashioned one on one good basic customer service; their is still no substitute for one on one face time;

now the best thing of all is total wireless charges an amazing $35 monthly for up to 5Gb monthly with totally unlimited talk and text using Verizon networks cell towers; which is basically over half off the price what Verizon would charge so that is definitely a screaming deal to actually take advantage of and realize rather substantial saving over paying Verizon’s full rate card; plus as you point out Verizon cell towers won not only in consumer’s reports but also in analytical report on the quality of cell phone provider’s;

now the second quality choice pick by both consumer’s report and analytical report on the quality of cell phone provider’s is ATT; H20 Wireless MVNO provider(they use ATT cell network towers); they are also serviced at ones local Best Buy brick and mortar retail store also as well;

now the best thing of all is H20 Wireless charges an amazing $30 monthly for up to 3Gb monthly with unlimited talk and text using ATT networks cell towers; which is basically over half off the price what ATT would charge so that is definitely a screaming deal to actually take advantage of and realize rather substantial savings over paying ATT’s full rate card; plus its hard to go wrong with the number two choice also as well; another advantage and benefit unique benefit of H20 Wireless one can talk to over 50 countries internationally such as:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Luxembory, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Venezuela,

are all unlimited free minutes if one calls a landline number in the above listed countries; that is just amazing and ridiculously cheap rate indeed; in fact H20 Wireless and Cricket Wireless are the only two MVNO providers that I currently know of that even do anything like that;

picking either GSM based Total Wireless(Verizon towers) and/or CDMA based H20 Wireless(ATT towers) would be the number one and number two picks for improved quality reception, improved customer service; Republic Wireless acts as if they are still on Beta Launch; sorry the honeymoon period is long over; its time to stand up and deliver;

I cannot reiterate enough and repeat that one should not count on Republic Wireless partnership with T-Mobile to save the day as I have read here on Republic Wireless own forums how Republic Wireless subscriber’s testing T-Mobile’s cell tower networks with their own prepaid T-Mobile Sim Card and 30 Day prepaid services card actually works better than even Republic Wireless subscribers trying to access T-Mobile cell tower network; unbelievable to say the least;

now if one has any trouble whatsoever with Republic Wireless cell audio service from here on out going forward; please don’t hesitate to run away from Republic Wireless as its more than likely to actually get worse before it gets any better down the line(excuses are Republic Wireless grand plan); why because Republic Wireless has had more than enough time to get it right certainly by now; and if one has one of the new supposed clear choice plan phones such as the Moto G4, Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus phones; they are yours brought and paid for(I always pay for mine in cash) and if they are in fact paid for; they are now totally unrestricted and free to leave Republic Wireless to be used on another competing MVNO provide; as they are totally unlocked along with your designated reserved phone number.


I think that you may find T-Mobile coverage is much better than the last time you tried it. I have avoided T-Mobile for the last couple of years after a previous experiment where coverage was worse, in basically every place I travelled, than either Sprint or AT&T. Last year I briefly tried TMO again, and while coverage was improved, it still wasn’t good enough. About 6 weeks ago I moved a phone over to T-Mobile. I’ve now found that in nearly every single area that I go, T-Mobile’s coverage is as good as, or better than both AT&T and Sprint. We’re actually going to be moving all of our other lines from AT&T to T-Mobile because even in the rural areas near us, with the new B12 coverage, the TMO coverage now exceeds AT&T.

Just one data point, but if you haven’t explored T-Mobile coverage lately, it may be worth doing.


If neither of our providers can give you the coverage you need and our WiFi capability will not bridge that gap, then we may not be the best solution for you. Every carrier has areas that they lack coverage but we do not lock people in with contracts or even proprietary phones now.

It does sound like you have a combination of bad coverage and low-end phone. Dropped calls is usually network but echo and bad audio quality is usually the phone or bad WiFi.


There was one issue a while back where Band 12 did not work. That has been fixed. @billg helped us get that fixed. Unlike other pre-paid carriers we include unlimited roaming calling and texting.


That was a unique situation involving T-Mobile’s band 12 and some of the models RW sells. That problem was fixed several months ago. Now that it has been fixed, T-Mobile works better for me than Sprint did. T-Mobile’s native coverage is better.
The voice quality I experience with T-Mobile’s VoLTE is better than what I experienced with Sprint. On Band 12, which is widespread where I live in MN, I find T-Mobile to be superior to Sprint with one exception:

It seems Sprint roams on all Verizon towers but T-Mobile only roams on selected AT & T towers. At my home both carriers deliver an unreliable signal. When I was on Sprint my X2 was switching to a Verizon tower several times a day. With my S7 on T-mobile service is lost because they have chosen not to roam on an AT & T tower that floods my home with a strong signal. This doesn’t matter to me, however, because my phone works very will on my home WiFi.


Thanks for the informative and illuminating reply. Agree that RW "acts as if they are still on Beta Launch; sorry the honeymoon period is long over; its time to stand up and deliver; ". But yeah RW, just blame it all on a “low end” phone.


I think they are doing a pretty good job of doing that for most of their customers. No provider will be a perfect fit for all people in all locations. RW doesn’t and never has claimed to the best choice for all consumers.


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