Moto E4 using 7.1.1 not backed up to google drive

Why? I have tried using looking up in the google forums and republic wireless forums but it doesn’t help.

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Are you getting some sort of error message? Can you give us more detail as to how it’s failing?

This is from the E4 user guide:

Backup & restore
Find it: Swipe up > Settings > Backup & reset, then tap the Back up my data switch to turn it on. Your Google account data is backed up online. If you reset or replace your phone, just log in to your Google account to restore the contacts, events, and other details you synced with the account.
To restore backed up data when reinstalling an app, swipe up > Settings > Backup & reset > Automatic restore.To choose what syncs with the account, swipe up > Settings > Accounts > Google, tap your Google account, and check things to sync.

This was found on page 56 of this PDF:■■■■■■■■■■■■redirect/1/filename/68018340001a.pdf

Hope this helps

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Hi @lesc - In addition to the information @SuperT provided, here is a Google help page about how to “Manage & restore your device backups in Google”. Is this how you verified that backup is not working?

Just checked two of our phones to make sure the Android steps actually work. We were able to drill down and see exactly what apps and other items were actually backed up.

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I am not getting any error messages. I have checked on my moto e4 phone running 7.1.1 using drive and no backups appear. I have tried backup and reset. It shows the correct settings. I have looked at the link as well. It doesn’t help me.

Thanks for your help. However I still can’t backup my Moto E4 to my google drive.

Just curious. Have you verified how much space you have on Google Drive?

To see how much space you have left, on a computer, go to .

Not sure what would or would not get backed up if there is a drive space question.

If you go to your Google account (via computer), do you see them?

Hi @lesc - I do not have a Moto E4 on 7.1.1 so trying to point out where to check the exact settings is difficult. @SuperT has given some items to check.

Might be worth reviewing the generic How to Back Up an Android Phone on the Google Cloud wiki. The steps might better match your phone, and if lucky, you’ll find a setting that will correct everything!

Other members might weigh in with more things to check. Good luck!


I have plenty of space on drive.


Hi @lesc,

Do you have more than one Google account on the phone?

Is the Google account on the phone associated with a GSuites account?

Hi Southpaw,
I believe that this problem on the Moto E4 is resolved.

Question 1: Yes I do.

Question 2: No it isn’t.



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