Moto E4: will format SD as internal memory - what to do abt Android files now on card?

My Moto E4 apps won’t update because of lack of space on the phone.

It appears that I can format the SD card as internal memory… but I have used this card where I could (almost nowhere) for external memory. I’ve moved the DCIM camera files and my music files to my computer temporarily.

Before I format the card, what do I do about the “Android” folder that exists on the card? It has a Data folder (266 MB in size), and under that, many “com.x” folders where “x” is Amazon, google, motorola.fmplayer, youtube and many others. Most of these folders seem to be empty.

Hi @davidj72,

This is just my personal opinion, not an official Republic Wireless directive.

Personally, I’d be very hesitant to format the SD card as internal memory. Please do so fully understanding that if the SD card ever fails (and they do) then the only recourse is to factory reset your phone. That means keeping things that are important to you regularly backed up so that a factory reset isn’t a major catastrophe for you.

Understanding that, if I were still considering reformatting an SD card as internal memory, I would first copy any existing folders to a computer. Then I’d format the SD card and then copy the folders back to the phone.


I’m with @southpaw on this. Most newer phones have stopped allowing SD cards to be formatted as internal because that tends to drastically reduce the performance of the device and SD cards tend to fail at a rate much much higher than the phone itself, causing problems and requiring resets. The combo of these things make formatting as internal just generally a poor idea.


So the only solution is to somehow tame chunky Android internals, ever-growing updates – or toss the phone and get a new one?

I’ve been through apps and memory requirements, asked hogs to store data on the SD (camera and maps) and discarded quite a bit of useful stuff and I’m still up against the relatively miniscule memory in the E4.

I don’t remember an option to buy a “bigger” E4 – is there any way to add memory to the phone itself? As you can gather, I’m not looking for status or additional power or today’s finest here, just a way to continue with this device…

I gather it’s unlikely I’ll see any “thanks for hanging on such a long time” deals on new phones - I’ve been here since May, 2014…

Yes, not likely to see a “thanks” deal on a new phone, @davidj72, BUT: I am quite content with the moto G Power (2020) handset I started on RW last year. Enough that I just got another for my son, as his older moto phone battery has died. No longer available directly from Republic, but can be purchased on Amazon

Unfortunately by phone standards you’re driving a car that requires leaded gas and starts with a hand crank. As apps have added more and more functions they’ve been getting bigger and bigger making phones under 16GB completely impractical (and really 32GB to be truly usable). Whether right or wrong, other than the very expensive flagship devices Android phones are largely designed to be replaced every 2 or at most 3 years. Being one of those that bucks that trend (I have a number of older phones in my household) ends up meaning that you often have to limit yourself quite drastically as to what you load or what you do with the device.

Hi @davidj72,

As long as you understand that the failure of the SD card will require a factory reset, then there’s nothing inherently wrong with using the SD card as internal memory in order to squeeze another year or two out of a phone that you’re otherwise happy with. I just didn’t want you to go into that situation unaware.

Ah, yes, but I drive a car with 22 years on it. It’s the best I’ve ever had and it drives better and more reliably than anything in the latest generation. Fact is, I don’t buy any tool with an eye to replacing it in 2-3 years.

I’ll figure out ways to keep it going. I gather from lack of answers that there’s no way to increase the internal memory.

Thanks, southpaw. I’ll try de-app-ing first, then take the plunge.

You are correct, sir!

Hi David, here’s and excellent deal on a new phone. It’s compatible with T-Mobile, RW’s GSM carrier, however compatibility with the RW App would need to be checked out. Roland, Louis, et al might have information on this. I have a Moto G3 which I need to replace, and this one might do the trick:

I originally started with RW with the Mote E1 when RW first made it available, and that phone ran out of space real quick, the same problem you’re having right now. This seems to be an ongoing issue with the Moto E series.
BTW, this sales price comes and goes. It will be on sale for a while, go back up to full price, then go on sale a while later.

Cases that fit this phone are hard to find, but here’s an excellent case designed for it:

And a good screen protector for it:

I hope this helps you. At that price, you can’t beat this phone, as long as it’s compatible with the RW App, or switch to Ting, RW’s sister company.

Hi @davidd.ak078j,

It’s very kind of you to share a deal you’ve found with our other members! I think @davidj72’s goal for now is to drive the current phone “until the wheels fall off.” (Oh, wait - that’s cars… :thinking:)

The phone you’ve linked (Moto G7 Plus) is not supported by Republic Wireless. It will not work with our network.

If you find other great deals you’d like to share, we’d love for you to share them where others who might be looking for a deal would be more likely to find them:

I was afraid of that. The wheels are truly coming off of my Moto G3. It has becom almost completely unusable, so I need a new phone. I think I’m going to buy it anyway, maybe install the RW App and see if it might work. If not, I’ll most likely move to your sister company, Ting, as they now have a pricing plan equivalent to RW’s unlimited talk-and-text plan; the Flex plan, $10.00 a month plus $5.00 per GB:

I’m currently on the RW 1.0 plan, with no data at all, as I don’t need it.
That Moto G7 Plus just looks too good to pass up. :money_mouth_face:

That price is excellent! :heavy_dollar_sign:

There’s no question here. The RW app, installed on that phone, will tell you the phone is not supported.

We’ll be sorry to see you go, and hope you’ll keep us in mind in the future.
We’re not quite to the point of considering Ting a “sister company” yet.

I sent Ting an email with the link to the Moto G7 Plus, and I got a reply back that is indeed compatible with Ting. So either way, the RW App works, or I can move to Ting. But at least I’d still be in the family, just living in Ting’s house instead of RW’s.

Yes, but getting closer. :smirk:

You may want to let them know that Motorola believes otherwise, so they can ask to have Motorola’s website corrected. On the page you linked, if you unfold the “view all specifications” option, Motorola indicates that Ting does not support the phone.

Yes, which I don’t understand, because this phone lists all of the GSM bands. Or close to it anyway.


If it doesn’t work out, I can always sell it on Swappa and get the G Power. About the only thing it doesn’t have, which I wanted, is NFC. However I could live without it. And this phone costs $80.00 more on sale than the G7 Plus:

Still a nice phone for the price though.

Thanks for the research, @davidd.ak078j

Much to ponder:

  • Jettison apps and stick w/E4?
  • Make E4’s SD card ‘internal’?
  • Search the world for cheap RW compatible phone?
  • Change networks & repeat search for compatible phones?

In any case, for me at least, this has turned into a mightily interesting thread. Thanks all, for your input.

Hi David, I’m just trying to help you out with ideas on your phone issue. Most likely, even if you sacrificed some of your apps to reclaim some memory, you will probably find that you will still be running out of memory, and you’ll be less happy without the apps you want on your phone.
However if you are not interested in the Moto G7 Plus, RW has an excellent phone, albeit a little less powerful and only 32GB of memory instead of 64GB (32GB is plenty), but it has one thing going for it that the G7 Plus doesn’t have: a whopping 5,000 mAh battery; it’s a very nice phone, the moto g play (2021) for $149.00 so a great price. Well, it also has some other advantages over the g7 Plus - It’s a brand new phone, and it will also work with the CDMA bands, so it is a more compatible phone:

I hope this information helps in your decision. Should you decide to go with the G7 Plus, you will most likely have to switch carriers, but the moto g play (2021) is completely compatible with RW, which is a big plus, and making the switch to a new phone extremely easy.

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