Moto e4 working with remaining T-mobile minutes before activating with RW


My wife and I have been T-mobile pay-as-you-go users for about 5 years, and we are thinking about changing to RW. She uses an old unlocked LG Optimus and I use an unlocked iphone 4s. I know that these phones won’t work on RW, but we are both looking to update our phones, most likely to the Moto e4. My pay-as-you-go minutes (about $40 worth, 10 cents per minute or text) will run out in about 6 weeks, and I will probably make the switch over then. My wife doesn’t use her phone a lot, and has about 900 minutes left which will last her up to a year. But she would like a newer phone. Question: If I buy her (or both of us) a Moto e4 from RW, will it be unlocked (I think so) and could I “use up” my T-mobile pay-as-you-go minutes on the e4 before I activate it with RW? Thanks in advance.


It will be unlocked, you’ll have to ask T-Mobile whether you can use it with their pre-paid service.


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