Moto e4plus plus heating issue

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When I put my phone on charging with the charger prescribed my phone drastically heats and it’s too hot to put in pocket

It is not unusual for a phone to get warm while charging especially is you are using the phone. Are you using the phone while it is charging?


Hi @ambatig.dxpkvj!

Are you using a rapid charger? If so, that could be the issue. Rapid chargers tend to heat phones up more than usual (although usually not to a burning-hot degree). Especially considering that the battery is so large, I would think that it would be especially prone to getting warm. Try using a regular (non rapid-charger) and see if it heats up. Also, you could try turning off your phone and charging it with the rapid-charger to see if it gets hot (to eliminate any software causing it). Let us know what you find out.


If the phone is getting hotter than you would expect, you should contact Motorola:


Chiming in here, I have an E4+ in my household. Even on a rapid charger I don’t notice it getting particularly warm. A conversation with Motorola may indeed be in order.


The Moto Device Help app will give you a battery temp indication. Device Help - It's on your phone!


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Thank you for your support
I’m not using my phone while charging
But WiFi connection is switched on by the time I see may be after one or two hours it is becoming hot
And I have tried while it is switched off its not heating but after I switched on my phone and use for 5 min (while charging)
I found that it is heating on the top side of phone so it may be because of processer…

Hi @ambatig.dxpkvj

It never hurts, (and in fact is a good maintenance task), to perform a
Clearing the Cache – Republic Help procedure.

I seem to recall, in the distant past, that this has solved some overheating issues, so it’s worth a try.

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