Moto E5 Phone No Data

Had my phone for a little while now. No issues.

Today… it says Emergency Calls Only.

When I try to use the phone, it says cell network not available for voice calls…

No idea why. No idea how to correct this.

Does it give any other error like “No SIM card”?

Have you tried Rebooting the phone?

Have you checked to see if the republic app is up to date?

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Just went by the library yesterday. Does it auto update when u access wifi?

I downloaded a program for offline maps… which worked until i got home. Then endlessly tried to locate my country… so I uninstalled it.

Restarted my phone. Hate to, because it resets all my ringtones and such.

Ok. Now it works… I can use the phone again. I am baffled. Guess I won’t be using that offline map anymore…

Thanks for the help.

The reason that the first thing tech support people ask is if you’ve restart the device is because it works to cure many ills.

Apps my be set up to auto update on WiFi in teh Google Play setting. there should be no OS level updates without you being notified that happening.

a simple rebooting the phone should not reset all setting

a factory reset will cause setting to be lost but this should be a last resort when having issues (there should be other steps shuch as clearing out app caches, resetting republic’s connection (*#*#8647#*#*)

Which offline maps where you trying to use (Google Maps has an offline mode all you have to do is select the area(s) you want when on WiFi and when your phones has no data (or you turn if off via the Data Freeze option in the Republic App) Google will use the downloaded maps.

Please go into Settings-About phone and tell us what it says for the Build number. Also, what zip code are you having this issue with cellular access?

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