Moto e5 play beeping like a slot machine

Moto e5 Play, on talk/text only.

Recently a tone started going off, two or three times consecutively, sometimes it goes off 7-10 times. It sounds like a slot machine in Las Vegas. This happens when the phone is just sitting on the counter. When it happens, there is not incoming text or alert, no clock alarm…it’s just randomly going off.

I’ve uninstalled the only app that was recently installed. I’ve pulled the battery for 15 minutes. Neither of these actions stopped the random tone.

Any suggestions? Soft reset, hard reset?

Hi @jimc.vmezi7,

Have you recently paired the phone to any other device - like a fitness tracker?

Let’s try turning on your notifications log and see if any clues show up there. There are some instructions to do so on a variety of Android versions, here:

One you have the log enabled, just wait for the next outburst, and then view the log to see if anything on the log around the same time seems likely to be related.



Yes, and thanks! The phone was recently paired to a FitBit. I uninstalled that app (that’s the one mentioned in my initial cry for help). I’ve found the Notification Log per the instructions. So, now I’ll be watching it for clues. Will keep you posted.
Thanks again!


OK, have had the first “ding ding ding” episode since turning on Notification Log.
At the time of the episode, the following apps were active: Messenger (6 reported), and Moto Display (clearing notifications). Those all came occurred at 7:35, the same time as the “ding ding ding”…

Anything here significant?


Not sure if this is related, but there seems to be a big increase in notification issues with Moto phones. From your log entries it looks like you are running the Moto Display app.

We were having several issues with notifications on our new (less than 2 mos old) Moto G6’s. Seemed to start with the recent update to the Moto Display App issued on 4-17-2019. I hesitate to respond to this thread because I don’t want to inject something that might not be applicable. But it is starting to look like the Moto Display app update might have a bug in how it handles notifications.

My replies about this are in a couple of recent threads –

Hope to hear from the Moto app development team after the holiday. I can say that once we reverted to the old version of the app our systems have worked perfectly. No more ding-ding-ding for us!

Will let others weigh in just in case this is heading down the wrong path.


I’ve had a few days to watch the Notification Log after the “ding ding ding” episodes. The Notification Log seems to always show the following two items

Clearing notifications…
Moto Display

Moto Display is using battery
Android System

But, not always… At another episode, the notifications were:

Google is using battery
Android System

Phone is using battery
Android System

Any thought on this?


A person in another thread claims that their phone notifications are working ok with the newest versions of Google Messages and Moto Display.

We updated one of our Moto G6’s the the latest Google Messages app released on 4-22-2019 and the last update for the Moto Display app released on 4-17-2019 and it DID NOT solve the notification issue for us.

We’ll just wait and see what the Moto Display Team comes up with. They have asked several people who submitted reviews to send more information. Reverted back to factory version of Moto Display and things are working ok. Just an FYI…

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Just another data point for the spectrum: my mom’s Moto E5 Play has been going crazy with text notifications as well. I will try updating the Google Messages app as suggested and keep checking both threads. Thank you!

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I tried to uninstall the Google Messenger app, but that’s not allowed. I tried updating it, but it was updated on 4/17, so no update is available.

Any news from the Moto Display Team?


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Just installed the Moto Display app update dated on 5-2-2019. The update DOES NOT fix the notification issue on our Moto G6’s running Oreo. Reverted to factory. Maybe others will have different results.

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Thanks for the reply. I do not have any facebook on my phone.



Well good news…I think. Just installed the Moto Display app update from today (5-6-2019) on our Moto G6’s and the multiple notification sound issue appears to be fixed! Will continue to test and use and report back if there are any issues. Now we can go back and turn on automatic app updates.

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