Moto e5 play: Screen doesn't wake (and display date/time) when picked up

My wife and I both have the Moto e5 play phone. My display, when picked up, will wake up and display date/time. Her phone’s display, when picked up, does not display. I’ve searched all the settings>display choices and don’t see anything that looks like the control for this feature.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

Hi @jimc.vmezi7,

Please look at the following moto help page.
It will tell you how to find the Moto Display settings so you can check to make sure it is on:

Moto Display - moto e5 play - Motorola Support - US

Let us know if it helps :slight_smile:

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The Moto app is set for auto updates, so should be up-to-date. The Motorola instructions on the moto page aren’t the same as on my phone.

The instructions in the link (below) aren’t the same as found on my phone under the Moto app.

Moto App>Features> and “Moto Display” isn’t an option, but “Moto Actions” is the option. If I select Moto Actions, the resulting options are “3 finger screenshot”, “flip for do not disburb”, “pick up to stop ringing” and “swipe to shrink screen”.

Sorry. Any other ideas?

I suspect these are not both Moto E5 Play phones.
On each phone, would you please open Settings > About Phone and tell us what model phone each one is? Then tell us which model it is you’re not able to get the display settings enabled for.

Thanks, southpaw.

Under “settings>system>about phone” it states the phone is a : “moto e5 play”

On the Republic app, under phone info: it shows the phone “model moto e5 play”.

Looks like it is a moto e5 play


Thanks @jimc.vmezi7. If I’m undestanding your reply, that’s your wife’s phone, right? You mentioned in your first post that both phones were Moto E5 Play phones. Did you also check yours to see what it says?

I’m trying to understand if we need to be figuring out why the steps might be different on both phones, or the steps are different because the phones are different.

Actually, I think where I’m most confused is in your reply to @SuperT where you said the instructions from the link aren’t the same as found on your phone - but it’s her phone you’re wanting to set up to display the time, right? Those appear to be the steps for the E5 Play. If your wife’s phone is confirmed to be an E5 Play, is it her phone that doesn’t match those steps?

Another possible option:

Sorry, yes, I have confirmed that both phones are Moto e5 Play, found in the Settings menu.


Thanks @jimc.vmezi7,

If the link to Moto Display that @SuperT posted doesn’t help, please let us know whether she uses a screen lock. On my phone (which is not an E5 Play) there’s a setting when creating a screen lock that allows you to pick between

  • Show all notification content
  • Show sensitive content only when unlocked
  • Don’t show notifications at all

Perhaps she has “Don’t show notifications at all” selected?

I don’t have the same icon as pictured above. In settings I find “Display” as an option, but the options under that are: Adaptive brightness, color mode, wallpaper, and advanced (sleep, rotation, display size, font size, screen saver and ambient display). The description for “ambient display” is “wake screen when you receive notifications”, but that is already selected.

I have had the Moto e5 Play for a couple of years now. Have you tried restarting the phone? I find that when mine gets quirky (with a variety of minor annoyances including display, connectivity, etc. issues) , a quick reset usually solves the problem. Not a sexy solution, but all OS’s need a refresh once in a while.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve tried restarting the phone without success. Should I try something like a soft reset?

I don’t know how a reset would affect your issue. I have an e5 Play that I brought as a BYOP and early on it would drop a WiFi connection when idle. I did a reset to try to resolve that issue (it did not). It wasn’t a difficult process since I did not have much loaded on the phone at that point. If you’ve had the phone a while, it could be a more involved process. Perhaps someone with more experience can offer a better answer.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

Hey, that’s helpful, and good advice. I think we’ve had these phones for several years. Maybe it’s time to upgrade! I guess that’s one way to resolve the problem!!


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