Moto e6 as card as internal storage

I want to buy the Moto e6 for my 13 year old son. I like the fact that it’s a low cost phone, and it’s fast enough for a teenager to use. I’m wondering, if I put an SD card in it, will it upgrade the internal storage. I did read the Motorola help page that says it will but was unsure because it didn’t specify which operating system.

Motorola has been removing adoptable storage (making an SD card be used as internal storage) in the last few phones, this includes the E6. SD card memory can only be used as external (portable) storage.

Personally, I think this was a good choice by Motorola as there are a lot of problems with SD cards formatted as internal (including slowing down the phone, data corruption, unrecoverability of the cards, etc).


Thank you. I was hoping to get this phone for the price but I guess it’s not an option. 16GB is barely enough these days for a few basic apps once 1/2 is gone to the OS. :frowning: Is the next best option for me then the G7 Play with 32GB?

If you’re looking for a basic phone, yes the G7 Play is a good option.

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