Moto e6 blinking while charging

What phone do you have? motoe6

What plan are you on? republic refund o5 gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Just got it the mail and charging it and charger was hard to get into phone and now screen is blinking wildly while charging. Is this normal?

Hi @anitan,

It sounds as if the battery is not yet installed. If you take a look in the phone’s box, do you see the battery?


OMG. Did not see the battery. Thank you so much for responding so quickly.


In all honesty, you may not be the first to encounter this ‘problem’
Here is a link to a helpful guide A Beginner's Guide to your Moto E6
This was developed by fellow Ambassador @amitl and is one of the many guides found in Tips & Tricks

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