Moto E6: goes to VM before I can answer it

I have my phone set to only allow calls from contacts through, the rest go straight to VM and the phone doesn’t even ring. All good, I love it!
However, when I do get a call from a contact, often I only hear it ring once and it’s already gone to VM before I have time to answer it. I’ve been told it rings many times on their end and finally goes to VM. So my phone isn’t ringing at the same time me. Is there something to fix or any adjustment?
Moto E6, primarily 5G WiFi, no bluetooth, do not disturb not on (until auto on at night). Latest, updated versions.
Thank you!!

Hi @vl1,

Would you say this began around the same time you started blocking calls from non-contacts?

I’m wondering if you’ve tried disabling that and allowing all calls temporarily, as a test to see if the ringtime improves?

I can try that, but I think this happened some time after I enabled the block. Also, it’s not all calls, just some. That’s why I thought it might have something to do with the WiFi - whether it’s using 4G or 5, or if it’s using cell. I just can’t tell!

Okay, since you led with the info about blocking non-contacts, I thought perhaps that was a factor and that maybe you were thinking this was related to that change.

I’m a little confused by your description of 4 and 5G WiFi. When the phone is on WiFi, it’s connected to a WiFi network, like your home internet or work internet. It’s possible your WiFi network is either a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. You’ll see a :wifi: symbol at the top of the screen to let you know you’re on WiFi.

When a phone is on 4G or 5G, it’s using cellular data from the cell phone towers and is not connected to a WiFi network. The Moto E6 is not a 5G-capable phone, so you would not ever be on 5G. You might see a 4G or LTE symbol at the top of the screen when you’re connected to cellular data.

It would be helpful to identify whether this seems to happen more when you’re connected to WiFi or when you’re on cell, and especially if it seems to happen when the phone has sat unused for a while. Sometimes the phone’s WiFi connection can be put to sleep and when that happens, it takes longer for our servers to establish contact with your phone to deliver the call.

Do you know if you typically have good cellular coverage in your area when not on WiFi?

Thanks. In no particular order, I mentioned everything I could think of that might have an effect, even if I didn’t think so, so you had all the information.
I’m nearly always at home on WiFi (the fan shaped symbol), hardly ever on cell, so that shouldn’t be the cause, but I mentioned it cuz I don’t know. The WiFi (internet settings) says "FIOS JOMEX 5G. On both my PC and phone I also have the option of “FIOS JOMEX”, which I assumed is 4G. I think it is the older version of FIOS before the service was upgraded.
Now that I’ve got all calls not in contact list automatically sent to VM I don’t use my phone a whole lot, so if the WiFi can snooze of its own accord that could be a possibility. I’d have to track how long it’s been since I’ve used it after each call. I do have the phone set to automatically connect at home, and I see when I get here after a few seconds I’m back on WiFi.

Thanks @vl1.

If I’m understanding correctly, this is a Verizon product, and the “5G” designation describes how Verizon is delivering the service to your home, rather than how the router is delivering the signal to the phone. That helps me understand that this does seem to be a WiFi problem for you, rather than a cellular problem.

There may be a setting in the router that would help prevent this kind of “snoozing.” If you can provide any information about the name of the router, @jben might be able to dig into that possibility.

It would also be interesting to see, if you are able to answer calls when you’re at home (you get to them before the ringing stops), are they actually showing that they are WiFi or cell calls?

I don’t think so. As far as I know the FiOS brand doesn’t include any cellular delivered fixed wireless at this point (and would be a betrayal to the name (FIber Optic Services). I believe what is being referred to is the wifi signal 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

Ok, thanks. :+1: Either way, we’re talking about an issue on WiFi, which is what I was trying to figure out.

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Well I may have stumbled upon the cause - I just got a call, and discovered my ring volume was way way down, I must have unintentionally lowered it at some point without realizing I did that. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if that was it!! Something so simple. I did find it odd no one else seemed to have the problem.

I’ll let you know if resetting the ring volume doesn’t fix it, but I suspect that’s it. You guys are still the best. RW forever.


That would be fabulous news!

It’s also possible it was “ringing” before it even connected to your phone. It happens. I called my mother’s phone and I heard the rings in my phone before her phone started ringing. Those rings seemed to count towards the “rings before going to voice mail”. That’s cell service for you. One would think that a connection to the receiving number would be made before the call cycled into the ringing phase. I guess not.

Yes, I saw the low ring volume “solution”. Even still, I thought I’d chime in.

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