Moto E6 is the worst phone I've had from Republic in almost 7 years

Republic customer of almost 7 years
Phone. moto E6
Plan: Let everyone know what plan you are on.

I have bene a Republic customer for almost 7 years and I am overall happy with their service. I miss the old plans but I’m still overall really happy with the company and phone options, until I got this Moto E6.

I got the Moto E6 because I smashed my old Moto E’s screen. I have had several Moto E’s, and being the lowest model you don’t expect them to be amazing but at least for the first several months you expect them to be faster than your last phone. This one is WORSE than my almost 2 year old Moto E.

I don’t know if it’s because I let it transfer over my settings during setup but it is super slow, the home screen layout isn’t centered (which is just annoying), and it gets stuck and freezes all the time. Often when I’m texting it will rotate to the sideways view and get stuck where I can’t rotate it back. It is just overall slow and terrible and I don’t know why. Sometimes the last text message becomes invisible in the chat and I have to exit or scroll up and down for the message to become visible again. I hate it so much. I notice it’s not available for sale anymore so I guess this isn’t a warning since no one else can get stuck with this brick.

Hi @kristinac.zg08zo,

While certainly not a high-end phone, the Moto E6 is a reasonably capable phone and should be providing a much better experience than what you’ve described. I fully appreciate no one (myself included) really wants to do so, however, if it were my phone, I’d go straight to a factory reset without restoring apps or settings. If after doing so, the phone still behaves as described, in my opinion, you would have a potential warranty claim.

When was the phone purchased? And, from whom, Republic or third party retailer?

Regarding the Moto E6 no longer being for sale at Republic’s online store, this is merely because it is last year’s model and Republic has sold all of its stock. It’s been replaced by the 7th generation Moto E (a/k/a the 2020 Moto E). For reasons inexplicable to me Motorola simply calls it the Moto E.

Hi, I’m so sorry for my delayed response. I was waiting to do the factory reset until I felt ready.

I purchased the phone directly from Republic in June or July of this year.

I just did the factory reset and I can’t get the phone working. The republic app won’t open, it keeps looping me between a screen telling me to update the app, I click and it takes me to google play where I click open, and then it takes me back to the first page telling me to update the app, Any advice??

Hello @kristinac.zg08zo,

Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Republic Wireless app:

Hi, thank you for your response! I tried to follow the steps in that article you posted, but when I go to my list of apps, there is no option to uninstall, just to update. When I clicked update from the list of apps in google play, it actually worked and opened the app so I guess that helped in a roundabout way!

After the reset, my display is still weird and not centered on the home screen. It wasn’t when the phone booted up but as soon as I logged into my google account it got off center. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Try restarting your phone in Safe mode, if centered there may be an app causing the issue.


Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. I restarted in safe mode and everything is still off-center.

It would be helpful if you would provide us a screen shot.


Hi @kristinac.zg08zo - sorry that the suggestion for starting in Safe Mode from @PlaneTherapist didn’t help.

Suggest you check the screen size setting. Settings>Display>Advanced>Display size Here’s a screenshot of the settings from my Moto G6. Think your Moto E6 will have the same or something similar. Says right in the settings that some apps on your screen may change position.

Worth a quick check!


Hi, thanks for your suggestion! I checked and mine is set to default just as yours is. None of the other screens are weird except the home screen.


Aren’t those just widgets that you can tap and hold (long press) and expand/move at will?

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Hi @kristinac.zg08zo,

The circle with the time and the Google search bar are indeed widgets as suggested by @cbwahlstrom. If you do as he suggests and tap and hold, are you able to reposition them?

Regarding the seemingly off-center app icons; if you tap and hold one of them, are you able to move those, so that they’re not off-center?

Wow, OK this worked! It makes no sense to my why they’d be OK and then suddenly not after I logged into my google account on the phone but it appears to fix it.

@kristinac.zg08zo there is one more setting I can think of to check. Long Press on home screen>menu pops up>Select Home settings>Home screen layout>gives choice 4x5 or 5x5

Here’s a screenshot of my settings.

Also worth a quick check!

EDIT: Ops…didn’t see your last response while I was typing. I’ll leave this just so others know about this setting too :slight_smile:

I think this was the root of the problem! I did put it back to 4x4 and then resized the clock widget and it looks normal now!

Thanks so much!

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