Moto e6: Problematic cell phone reception?

I like a lot of things about the Moto e6 (esp the removable battery, reasonable size to fit in a pocket) as a possible replacement for my trusty Moto X Ver 1. I’m worried about the cell phone reception on the Moto e6: The Republic page for the phone specifies that you should " *Verify your area has “Strong” coverage on our coverage map before purchase". The e6 is the only phone I saw with a warning note like that. Other users have commented that the e6 my have its antenna near the bottom of the phone, making reception spotty.
I don’t need a cutting edge phone with a lot of advanced features, but do I need the phone to work well as a phone.
Any comments on the ability of the e6 in this respect? Are there other economical phones with removeable/easily replaceable batteries I should be considering?


As your Moto X1 was CDMA (Sprint), you need to consider a phone that is CDMA ready and supported by Republic.
The map provided by Republic in Coverage (link at bottom of page) is actually for GSM (T-Mobile)
Some things to consider have been collected by the community and is featured in Tips & Tricks under the following:

Thanks very much. Some follow-on questions:

  1. Though my present Moto X v2 uses CDMA, I could still get a replacement phone that uses GSM, right? My “risk” is that the coverage might be better, worse, or the same as I get now with my CDMA network.

  2. Is it likely that someone in Republic’s tech section would know why they included the warning about this phone needing a “STRONG” signal to work properly? I suppose i should check on that, and on any return period in case the phone’s performance is not satisfactory.

Thanks again for the charts–very usefui. RW should make that format available on their “phones” page (just add prices) to help users through the selection process.

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Hi @markw.lvr78h,

The Moto E6 is currently able to be outfitted with only our GSM SIM card. Eventually we’re looking forward to being able to add the option of outfitting it with our CDMA SIM card, but at this time that is not possible.

The warning is meant to prevent people in exactly your situation - upgrading from a phone with CDMA coverage - from assuming coverage will be the same. We want you to examine the map and make sure you’ll have a good coverage experience with the GSM SIM card, or else select a phone that can support CDMA coverage.

We recommend “Strong” coverage because the GSM carrier defines “Fair” as “Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors” and we have found “Fair” coverage is not a good experience for many of our members.

All of our phones include a 14-day money back guarantee.

That is correct. We do not prevent you from ordering.


Thanks very much for the complete answer. That’s exactly what I needed to know. I have “strong” GSM coverage at my home and the places I frequent, so I should be okay with the Moto e6. If the experience is not as good as I had with my Moto X v2, then I’ll need to decide whether to exchange for a CDMA phone.

Unsolicited comment: I appreciate that RW is trying to give us an uncluttered web site free of extraneous information, but I think this may have gone a bit far. A single coverage map that doesn’t show the CDMA coverage, the unexplained reqmt for “strong” (GSM) coverage, but just for the Moto E6, etc. If it is well presented, more information need not confuse customers, it may give them the information they need to make a decision.

Again, thanks southpaw and jben for the help!


I have an e6 and x4 on GSM coverage…and both receive identical strength of signal placed side by side.

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Thanks. Elsewhere I’ve seen one e6 user cite problems with GSM reception depending on how they hold the phone, but just that one report (and I’m sure they are selling bushels of these phones). It was that report and the note on the RW page (citing a need for a “strong” GSM signal) that prompted my concern.
The e6 on GSM is working okay for you in normal use then? No need to hold it upside down, carry a yagi antenna under your hat (:wink:,) etc?

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I haven’t had any issues of this nature with my e6. Coverage has been uniform and repeatable and comparable to my X4. Also the other thing that I checked was seamless connect and disconnect experience from my saved WiFi connections…which is very important as well.

I intentionally did this because it is very tempting to blame budget phones for degraded performance…and I am sure it has a few components that are budget priced relative to higher cost and grade phones…but cell signal is not one of them.


Thanks. I placed my order today. With luck, the GSM service will be as good as the CDMA has been for me with my old Moto X v2. Yes, the Moto E6 is a budget phone, but I think it will do what I need, and i see the removable battery as a significant plus–down the road.

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Good luck… I hope it works out for you.

This is the first time I’ve heard of specific coverage requirements for a phone. Tell me, how do I verify “Strong” coverage? The coverage map looks all green or white to me, with no legend to explain.

Hi @elainer.k7oisl,

The maps notwithstanding, are you experiencing coverage issues? If not, no need to worry. If so, and you’re comfortable doing so, please share your zip code (nothing more) and we’ll provide further insight.

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I am fine with my Moto E4 now. Awaiting delivery of a new Moto E6 and having doubts about how it will perform when it arrives.

Hi @elainer.k7oisl,

I’ve taken a look at your coverage and I’m a little surprised that you’re fine with the coverage on your current phone!

The previous recommendation that the E6 have “Strong” coverage is no longer necessary, as we can now provide an alternate SIM card for areas where coverage might have been problematic before.

I’m going to have a SIM card shipped to you separately from your order. It will arrive by USPS, in a separate package from your phone. When it arrives, please replace the SIM card in your new phone with the one I’ll be sending.

If you want to activate the new phone when you get it, please use these instructions:

Then when you get the replacement SIM card, use these instructions:


Thanks, I just ordered an E6. I did not know there are coverage issues. There was nothing in the device reviews???

Hi @elainer.k7oisl and welcome to the Community!

The potential issue is not device related. Republic provisions phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. The other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. Prior to this announcement, Republic was only able to offer GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. Now, Republic is able to offer either GSM or CDMA (Sprint network) coverage.

Which coverage option would be better depends upon one’s location. If you’re comfortable doing so, please share with us your zip code (nothing more) and we’ll provide more insight.


Thanks for the explanation. My zip code is 01451. The outside of the SIM card on my G4 does not say which network it is on.

It looks like CDMA (Sprint network) coverage is better than GSM (T-Mobile network), however, maps don’t always tell the full story.

It does not but with the SIM in your G4, your phone can tell us:

Please tell us if you see GSM or CDMA for SIM type?


Hi @elainer.k7oisl,

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you have received the E6 and the replacement SIM card I sent, and if you have any further questions.

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