Moto E6 promotion in Republic's online store

I see on RW’s site for the E6 that is has a offer of 3 free months of service.
The fine print does not say that is for new lines or customer.
So, does that mean, that if i buy it, and activate it, on an existing account, it will auto credit that account each month?
Does it have to be purchased on the same account it is going to be activated on?

In that case it would also apply to existing members and a new line would not be required.

Sounds like a really good deal for the E6 at $99.


But I wonder, if i order it under my RW account, but then activate under hers, woudl that still put the free 3 months onto her account, and not mine. Do i need to order it under her account?

I would suggest you start a new topic asking that question.


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The promotional offer of three free months is associated with the phone itself and does not have to be activated on the same account that the phone was ordered on.


I went ahead with this deal. I was already a RW customer and had previously prepaid for a years worth of service. How does the crediting work for me, and for how much?

Thank you.

For three months you’ll receive $20 of credit which will remain in your account until your annual plan expires and it can then be used should you choose to do another year or be used towards the monthly fees at that time.

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