Moto e6 send noncontacts to voicemail

Moto E6: Is there a way to have all calls not from my contact list, not just suspected spam, go straight to VM? The vast majority are junk and I’d rather not deal with them! Thanks people!!

Hi @vl1 and welcome back to the Member Community. Recommend you see if any of the improvements in Republic Wireless App Update Version helps!

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Thanks, I have this version. Where are the call blocking features? They’re not under the phone settings and don’t turn up in a search of all apps. My only options are under phone/settings/Caller ID & Spam: see caller and spam ID, filter spam calls, and verified calls.

Hi @vl1,

It sounds like you’re looking in the Phone app (dialer). These features are in the Republic Wireless app. To find them:

  1. Open the Republic app
  2. Tap the gear icon to the upper right
  3. Tap Call and Voicemail Settings


Thank you!! Though wouldn’t this make sense if it was under phone settings? Anyway, got it!!

It might make sense but Republic neither provides or controls a phone’s Phone app. The Phone app is provided by the manufacturer and/or Google. Republic is providing an option and adding value for its members (Republic likes to call customers members) others don’t get with their mobile phone service.

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