Moto G 1 gen photo transfer to Moto G 4th gen

I activated my new Moto G 4th gen Plus phone, but none of my photos from my Moto G 1 gen photo made the transfer. How do I do this? Do I have to transfer to a computer first?

The easiest way is to just synchronize your photos from your old phone to your Google account or another cloud storage like Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

You can also connect a USB cable to your phone and computer and transfer your photos. Make sure your old phone is set to USB connection in the Storage setting located in the phone settings menu, three white dots at the top of the screen.

use a third party app like Copy My Data - Android Apps on Google Play

Bluetooth sync the two phone and share the albums via Bluetooth

personally I use a a cloud base solution like @marshallh stated (Google Photos for each phone account {My wife’s, my son’s and mine} where we keep all photos take isolated from each other, I used a Flickr account to combine them so we each have access to all the photos [in process to move away from Flickr to Amazon Cloud as I lost trust in Flickr’s current and future owners {Yahoo and Verizon}]

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