Moto G 1st gen activation


I have a Moto G, 1st gen. that is has been in my bedroom, only used for Word Hero before bed.
I was thinking of activating it, but before I do, I was wondering if it will be worth it to activate it or not, since it is old.
Or should I just get a newer phone? How old does a phone have to be before it is deemed ‘useless’?

FYI, based on the short description I just gave, yes, I use a phone mostly as a phone (with text and pics). No movies, no YouTube, no FB, etc…don’t need a lot of bells and whistles 11 or 15 Gigs is enough for me.


Hi @jartero13!

First off, to use the phone on Republic, it must be a Republic G1 or it won’t work. That being said, the phone can probably bog down really easy with multiple apps open and the camera on the G1 is not that great. Additionally, the software is out of date. If you are ok with those, it sounds like it would be perfectly capable for what you want to do and I would recommend using it. It should send and receive texts and calls just fine. The G1 is still a capable device under light loads. I hope that helps!



Actually, it does:)! It is a G1 from Republic, and yes, ‘lite’ would be a good word to use, esp. now that I am in a bldg that does not have WiFi.


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