Moto G. 1st gen. camera problem

All of a sudden the camera on my Moto G. 1st gen. phone will not take pictures. What should I do to correct this situation?

Take a look at Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola and follow the link in the document corresponding to your phone.

Thanks for trying to help. I did what you suggested. However, there was no option to choose for the camera not taking pictures at all. I neglected to mention that the first thing I tried was to be sure all my photos were off my phone and transferred to the cloud. And I also cleared the cache, because I have had storage problems before. Now today I received a notification that 22 apps needed updating. I clicked on Update All. Only three were updated before I got a message saying I don’t have enough storage.

It would appear that you may not have a camera problem, but instead have a storage space problem. You mentioned you cleared the cache, but there are two places to clear the cache. The app cache, and the Android system cache. Both are covered in Clearing the Cache .

Thanks. I cleared the Android cache. I still couldn’t update my applications. I then deleted one application that had given me trouble before. I think all the other apps updated, and I was able to take a picture. Thanks.


Just to complete the thread with a conclusion what app did you delete that was giving you problems?

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It’s a meditation app that is too big for my phone. It’s called

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