Moto G 1st gen Emergency Call Screen

1st gen moto g stuck on emergency call screen that requires a password. Correct password is entered and it says “wrong password”. Have been unable to get past the emergency call screen. Any ideas? Thanks, Kurt


Turn the phone sideways/landscape mode and try again don’t forget to hit the finalize key usually bottom right, a funny looking l shaped arrow on its side. Note the blue circle bottom right.

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Hi @theresav.evqupr

It sounds like the phone may have been set with a different password. If you are already ensuring you are pressing enter after you put in your password, you may have to reset the phone. Because the screen lock is there for security, the it is hard to bypass it in other ways. A full reset from the restart menu would get the phone working but it will wipe the data on it which is what the “password” is trying to protect.

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