Moto G 1st gen factory reset issues

I have a moto g 1st gen on the refund plan. I have some data. My phone is running Android version 5.1 build number 221.26.14.falcon_cdma-Republic Wireless.en.US SPRINT

I factory reset my phone last week. Now I’m having trouble with my phone not staying connected to my wireless. I didn’t have this problem before. Also the playstore is now using data on wireless, I can’t shut that off. I’ve updated everything, I’m at a loss. Also, hangouts, which I don’t even use keeps stopping.

Please help.

Sorry you’re having so much trouble.

To stop the error message for Hangouts:

Go to Settings
Find Hangouts
Tap on Uninstall Updates if it’s there
Tap on Disable
Tap on Force Stop

WiFi issues:

Go to Settings
Tap on WiFi
Tap on 3 dots in upper right corner
Tap on Advanced
Tap on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep
Set for Always

Play Store:

Open Google Play Store
Tap on the 3 bars in the upper left corner
Scroll down to Settings and tap on that
Tap on Auto-update apps
You can now choose to set it to - Do not auto-update apps OR Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.
Either one will stop Google Play Store from eating up your data.

You can control which apps use data through your Republic Wireless app.

If you need further assistance, I’ll be online for the rest of the day.


All of these things were done when I reset it. Is there possibly an update that I have to for force?

Look like you have the last update. Just to confirm, you updated Republic Wireless app and Telephony app?

If you turn on Bluetooth, does it stay on? If Bluetooth is turned off does WiFi stay on?

Almost forgot clear Android System Cache too:

Once that’s completed see if WiFi stays on.

If it still doesn’t stay on go to
Tap on your current connection
Tap Forget

Restart the phone and try to connect again. If you get an Authentication Error, take your time entering the password.


Hi @karaline,

I’m not understanding your use of the term “wireless” in these two sentences.
When you say the phone is not staying “connected to my wireless” - do you mean your Wi-Fi network?
And then for playstore using data “on wireless” - do you mean cellular data?

Have you checked again for updates to apps in the Google Play Store? Sometimes after a factory reset there can be a delay before every app is available to be updated.

I think this fixed it. Thank you so much! I did the cache clear for the system.


You’re very welcome! :grin:

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