Moto g 1st gen hanging up on job recruiters!


What phone do you have?
Moto G 1st gen
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Does basic data

Issue Description

I need a job asap and have signed on to numerous job sites. My phone is hanging up on recruiters calls, just after they id themselves! I have put my number on the list not to be called by cold calls. Is this request now causing me great harm? HELP! I’m quite distressed!


I did the deed of removing my name from the Do Not Call Registry in desperation. I have no feedback yet if it is the source of my problem. I’ll let you know.


The Do Not Call registry doesn’t in any way impact your ability to get calls and wouldn’t have anything to do with this.

Are you getting other calls “normally”?


I am getting calls normally. For a few weeks now I answer an anonymous call, the other party mentions their name and that they are a recruiter.The call then cuts off.

I think I need to talk to these folks. Unless they are just cold calling. But I don’t know if they are or are legit calls I need.



There isn’t anything on the phone, service, do not call list or anything else I’m aware of that would handle a call differently once it is received. Calls coming in anonymously and then cutting off after a name sounds an awful lot like scammers that are using a recorded name and then if you’re still there the call is supposed to be transferred to the person that will scam you. Unfortunately, this is all too common when job searching. In my experience legitimate recruiters don’t call from anonymous numbers but instead from numbers registered to their business.


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