Moto G 1st Gen headphone jack

The headphone jack on my Moto G 1st gen is completely worthless. It’s very loose – the plug doesn’t click in and slips out easily. I’ve tried both regular headphones and a headset with a mic – neither work. Can this be fixed? Or is it not worth the expense? I hate to dump the phone – it’s only a year old and dumping it means moving to the RW 3.0 plans which I don’t want.


I have been recommending this company. See if one of the 2200 are close to you. use the Zip Code locator.

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Couldn’t you just go to a Bluetooth headphone.

Thank you very much – there is a location in the next town over from me.

I may end up doing that. It just annoys me that the jack is so lousy and I had just purchased a wired headset.

I forgot to also say that if you go bluetooth, make sure to try the headset before purchasing. That means buying from a local store instead of online. My experience with bluetooth on different devices is that it’s not as plug and play as WiFi is. Some things work together, some don’t.

Dumb question, I know, but is the phone in a case? If so, could that be preventing the plug from being fully inserted?

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