Moto G 1st Gen locks up

My Moto G (1st Gen) is being persnickety. It did some type of optimizing this morning and once it was done, it basically locks up. I can turn it off and on again and have limited access to something, but it soon locks up again. I emptied cached items. Still no go. I realize that the phone is old…but I would rather try to get more life out of it if I can.

Do you have the facebook apps? Try uninstalling the Facebook apps and see if you get more stable behavior.

A recent update to the Facebook apps has been causing phones to freeze up and/or display the “No SIM card” error message.

I will give that a try.


In addition to the Facebook fix that @amitl pointed out (many just run FB via the browser) you may also want to consider the following:

  • Remove/Disable unused apps … Google Hindi/Korean Input/Play Movies, Newstand etc can Uninstall updates then Disable if you not using them (frees additional memory)
  • Clearing the Cache … both the System and the Application

But will removing those unused, built in apps, will it affect my phone adversely other ways?

I would suggest disabling only the ones that the title clearly defines something you know you don’t use like the various language’s Input apps and you don’t want. If they are system/vendor provided you can’t delete them only disable … and if you discover it causes some problem just enable and update

How long have you had this phone @karls.6cdpnn ?

While not the most friendly of ideas, one thing you could do is to start fresh and completely reset the phone. This way, you can start off again with a blank slate and clean phone and start loading different apps as you need.

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