Moto G (1st gen) SIM card

Can I replace the SIM card in my Moto G (1st gen) with a SIM card for another carrier - obviously switching carriers?

Short answer … NO you can’t … see below for full details


Very good - thank you for sharing.


To add further detail, the Moto G1 doesn’t have a SIM card (or SIM card slot), so there’s that too. It’s also a technology that can no longer be activated anywhere (and soon enough that will be true at Republic too).


There actually is a SIM card, but it’s not accessible like most are. The back of the phone has to be removed. I was curious about switching carriers, and I was able to find a YouTube video that demonstrated swapping the SIM card. Obviously, it’s still no good, as stated in the shared post of locked/unlocked phones.

That is incorrect. There was a GSM version of the G1, which had a SIM. The CDMA version (which is what Republic / Sprint / Verizon) used does not have a SIM, no matter how much you disassemble it.

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Ah, so that’s the difference. Thanks for clarifying. We’ve had both our Moto G 1st gens for nearly seven years now, and they’re doing great!


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