My Moto 5 will not charge, I replaced the battery with a new one that was at about 60% it will not charge either and it is draining down to about 20% , charging port seems fine, and I have tried various chargers that seem to charge other phones … any ideas on a fix?

So do you have a Moto G (1st Gen), Moto G (5th Gen), or something else? It’s ambiguous above…

Regardless, you mentioned that the “charge port seems fine”. I’ve seen devices suddenly just stop charging, and in all reality, something was up with that port. Even just a slight bend, or internal connection coming loose, could cause your phone not to charge. It’s likely a hardware issue at some level or other.

A few months ago, I was still using a Moto G (1st Gen), and other than texts and phone calls, it was too slow to do anything. And I was dropping calls and texts would double-send or take a long time to go through.

I bought the G1 when it first came out as a mid-tier/budget phone. I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S9 (top-tier phone), bought a Republic SIM card, and it’s been a night-and-day difference. Money well-spent, even though I no longer have the $10 month plan; now paying $15 for exactly the same service, just under a different name.

In short, the G1 is a very old phone by today’s standards, and unless all you care about is phone calling, I would probably just upgrade at this point. You can get a phone that has a version of Android several levels up from G1 (stuck on 5.0 Lollipop), with much better hardware (at least 2 or 3 times more computational power), brand new for $200 or less. And now that Republic lets people bring unlocked phones, you have a lot of options out there. My advice: get a new phone. Galaxy S9 can be had for ~$500 when on sale; can’t go wrong with that, and I intend to keep mine for several years.


Even something like the Moto G6 Play, currently priced on Republic for $199, will be much better than your current device (assuming it actually was a Moto G1).

thanks for the advice the phone is indeed a 1st generation as I state in the main headline, the spot where I say moto 5 is a typing error… that should say moto G and honestly, it does fill my needs, for now until I can get the issue figured out I have deactivated it, and activated my old Moto E (1st gen) any additional info as to my fixing my charging problem by anyone out there would be great!

Hi @daleb.tap6k2

Being you replaced the battery and tried other chargers… I would go back to looking at that charging port on the phone again. Might be something simple as lint blocking something or possibility (hope not) something broken. Trying to narrow this down seems like the right approch. :wink:

You can try to restart the phone in Safe Mode and see if it is a rogue app that is sucking down the battery.

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