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I currently have Moto G (1st Gen) $10 plan. I would like to give this phone to my daughter with a new number and maintain $10 plan. Is it possible?

I also would like to purchase a new phone (Moto G6) and transfer my current number with my Moto G (1st Gen) to the new phone. I need to know which step that I should take it first so that I can keep my current number with a new phone and my daughter can have my current phone with a new number while keeping $10 plan.

Do I need to create a new account for my daughter, or can I keep her in my account and just add a new line to my account?




Yes, it is.

You’ll want to get the new phone and activate it, selecting the option to move your number to the new phone. Once that’s complete, you’ll factory reset the old phone, which will get it to the state that it is ready to be reactivated for your wife.

You can add her to your account without issue.





Just wanted to be clear about the process without creating any issues, I have the following questions:

Once I receive the new phone, can I follow the following steps:

  1. Transferring my existing phone number to the new phone (Moto G6) while I am activating the
    new phone.

  2. This will automatically deactivate my old phone (Moto G)

  3. Factor reset my old phone

  4. Reactivate the old phone for my daughter with a new phone number.

Will this process work in order to keep $10 plan for my daughter?

Thank you for your help! I just wanted to make sure I am following the correct steps with no issues.


this is all correct

the old G1 will activate on the 2.0 Republic Refund Plan that has the $10 base (unlimited calls and texts) there no need to add data but the option is there the cost would be $7.50 per 0.5 GB {$15 for 1 GB} and any unused data would be refunded


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