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I am super not tech savvy. I just purchased this phone… do I need a SIM card too? And if so where can I find one? I’d like to do the 1GB/month plan (the $20 one)-- will this support internet usage? And does it have talk-to-text?


Hi @bailee!

Is this a Republic version of the Moto G1? If not, then it will not be compatible with Republic. If it is the Republic version, it should have a SIM card already installed. That being said, the $20 plan is not available for the Moto G1. The comparable plan is the $25 plan (that includes 1gb of data). This plan also inlcudee unlimited talk and text. Whatever data is unsused, will be refunded to you (by a statement credit) every month. The 1gb of data would enable you to browse the web, use social media, check emails, etc. I hope that helps!


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just to note the 1st Gen Moto G that Republic uses was CDMA 3G only and their is no SIM card

to tell if if the phone in hand is the Republic version check the app drawer :appsicon: for the Republic App :rw_app:

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Thanks to you both, this is all very helpful! The $20 plan usually is the same as the $25 dollar plan you described, right? Unless I was looking at an older chart… why doesn’t it fit on this phone? And would it work on the 2nd generation Moto G? And would a Moto G2 need a SIM card? And if so how do I figure out which SIM card? Thanks for all the extra help if you get around to answering all these questions? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


The Moto G1 Can only be used with the 2.0 Refund plan, which is actually a good thing, sort of. The version of Android on the Republic Moto G1 is a uniquely modified version and the phone can only be used on the Republic Wireless system, and only with the 2.0 Refund plan. With that plan, you can order mobile data a half a gigabyte at a time. If you don’t use all the datae, you get a refund at the end of the billing cycle that is credited to the new month’s bill. The Refund 2.0 plan is the only plan that offers that feature, and the Moto G1 is one of the few phones that the plan can be applied to.


Hi @ballee,

Thanks for asking good questions!

The Republic Wireless Moto G (1st Gen) phone is one of our legacy phones. The plan structure for these older phones is different, and are available here:

It is different in that it allows you to be refunded (as a credit toward your next month’s service) for any cellular data you do not use.

Republic Wireless does not support the 2nd Gen Moto G. It cannot be used with our service. If you buy a 3rd Gen Moto G, it must be the Republic Wireless version, it will come with a SIM card already (or we can provide one), and it will activate on that same Refund plan. The newer Moto G phones (4th and 5th Gen) are compatible with our new $20 plan, but you need to make sure the model you select is one of the supported models, here:

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