Moto G 3 3rd gen, 2.0 plan "Not enrolled in Anywhere" message

Moto G 3rd gen

2.0 Refund

My plan is Talk & text as a base but I add data every billing cycle and rarely use it.

I starting receiving an “Authentication Failed” message every time Anywhere started. I have an open ticket working with the help desk. We just reached the point where they said “look, it’s old we really can’t help, do a factory reset.”

I activated my back up phone to do a factory reset on the phone I am having an issue with. Surprise…exact same issue. It seems like something changed somewhere. Just wondering if others with older phones are experiencing this issue?

Google messages works ok but it takes up so much storage space on my phone. I had a problem with the installed app “messaging” (I can’t remember what it was) which is why I went to anywhere.

You’re not the only one having the issue. I think you should probably just use Messages by Google.


IMHO that was bad advice. The advice should have been: “Look, it’s really old, use Google Messages instead.” Anywhere is no longer in development (and hasn’t been for years) so things can and do go wrong. When they do, it is time to move on.


Hi @louisdi,

The quoted statement was paraphrased. Our Help Team continues to advise our members to use the Messages app by Google when Anywhere is not functioning correctly.

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