Moto G 3rd gen Android 5.1.1 Sim Card error

I have a Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen. I’ve had it for 4 years. Worked great until now. I have republic buy back plan. Sim card error every time I cut the phone off (I have started hitting continue on the sim card error) It gets hung up calling on wifi. It takes 3 minutes to disconnect the call that never rings or goes thru (the calling is erratic I can make calls some times on wifi)
I have updated the Motorola software as well as the system updates.
I have turned the phone off and on several times. I have tried to get the sim card out and reinsert it - However it looks like you need some type of tool to get the card out.)
Is there anyway to just get a sims card -CDMA and a tool to remove the old card?

Some times the alarm hangs < you can not turn the alarm off without sliding the lock>>
I have to cut the phone off to make the alarm stop. Is there any help for this phone?

Hi @anitaw,

I have a G3 also. It was difficult to remove my SIM card the last time and used the pointed end of a pocket knife to grab the card adjacent to the edge then slide it out. You can remove and reinstall to see if that helps your issue. While out you could moisten a tissue or cloth and wipe the contact side. If it doesn’t help Support may want to send you a new SIM card if you open a Help ticket to discuss your issues. How to Open a Help Ticket – Republic Help

For the alarm problem you may want to clear the system cache and see if that helps. Since it’s sometimes, do you have a screen protector install that may be causing a touch screen issue? (Archived) How to Clear the System Cache on a Moto G3 – Republic Help


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Ok cleared the catch and deleted a few annoying MR Number programs
Phone is acting somewhat normal. Sim card is an issue. Every time I cut it on sims card errors and phone errors " System not responding" do you want to wait or cancel"
I think it is a game with RW to get you into the Newest Phone that washes behind your ears for you " I only hear the song Money… playing in my head. Next time I bring my own phone… the one that only washes your feet if you want it to. Metaphors

Hi @anitaw,

I assure you Republic isn’t using surreptitious methods to convince you to buy a new phone. The SIM issues may or may not be related, however, your description suggests a software issue on your phone.

I don’t say this lightly, however, if the previously suggested cache clearing didn’t help, it’s time to consider a factory reset.

Did you open a Help ticket yet about getting a replacement SIM card. I’d prefer trying that option first and prior to doing a factory reset.


Does a Factory Reset clear everything on the phone? Take it back to day one when I got the phone and the RW downloads and previous fixes? May not try this one yet since I do not have a back up cell phone yet. Not having a cell phone in this beautiful day and age of technology, is like taking a bath without the water.

Hi @anitaw,

A factory reset will remove all personal content and third-party apps and roll back factory-bundled apps to their earliest version. The one exception to the “take it back to day one” concept is that it will not roll back any Android updates.

Hi @anitaw,

Have you been able to get your phone working normally again? Did you give the factory reset a try?

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