Moto G 3rd gen (funny) sound issue

When playing media, with the YouTube app or the NPR One app, for example, the speaker on my Moto G 3rd gen no longer works. In fact, the speaker stopped working with the phone app, but disabling support for hearing aids allowed the speaker to work again. The speaker also works fine with the Skype app. So the problem is not the physical speaker.

Using Bluetooth or a wired headset, all apps work fine.

This smells like a software issue. But running the phone is Safe Mode does not help. I tried flushing the app cache, and also wiping the phone cache, to no avail. I also went to the trouble of doing a factory reset. Nice, that made my phone boot faster, but did not help with the speaker issue.

I found an app that’s supposed to route sound the way you want (I’ve forgotten the name), but routing all sound to the speaker did not help.

Maybe there’s a sanctioned app that runs even in Safe Mode that was recently updated that causes the problem.

I’ve seen a number of other posts that mention sound issues with the Moto G 3rd gen. One of them mentions the peculiar status of media apps, which the poster fixed by plugging/unplugging a wired headset. That did not help with my issue.

The phone is well out of warranty, by the way.

Any other ideas?

All of a sudden, the sound works again.

I have no idea what might have changed, except that a lot of apps have been updated in the past few weeks. Maybe one of them was misbehaving in some way.

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