Moto G 3rd Gen Led Light On After Phone Fell in Water

My phone fell in brackish water yesterday. It appears to be working except the LED light stays on (shining through the top of the faceplate). I took off the back, wiped off the beads of water, and it’s been in rice for 24 hours. Is there a way to manually turn off the light, or does anyone know if it will eventually turn off?


Hi @sarahg.nkljj4

The fact that you phone is working is a great sign!. There could be some of that “brackish” water that remains, causing the light to remain illuminated. I’m guessing time will tell.

Keep us updated as phones seem to have a way of finding water, and the outcome of those encounters seem to differ frequently.

I will…do you think an alcohol bath is a good idea?

No, I do not.

In my understanding, while water is not good for electronics in general, if powered off and thoroughly dried before any ‘arcing’ takes place it should be fine as the G3 has an IP X7 rating.

I would suggest patience. Hopefully the light will go off on its own.

My Moto X2 fell in a washing machine once. I waked the phone afterward to make sure it turned on. Then I turned it off all the way and placed it in a bag of rice. A few days later, I took it out and it seemed to work OK. I am using it now. I have only found a few things that could be a result of the incident. The first being that it disconnects from working WiFi networks occasionally (even though most of the time it’s still discoverable). Seccondly, people have a hard time hearing me sometimes. That being said, my phone is not waterproof, merely repellent. The G3, as @c1tobor said, is certified to be waterproof up to certain time and depth limits. It should be fine. If you are really worried, you could power it down for a day or so.


My phone fell in brackish water yesterday

I live in an area with many brackish rivers/creeks and the salinity levels vary. If mine were take a dunk I’d likely try to flush it with freshwater to prevent corrosion issues down river. Since the G3 is fairly fresh H2O resistant gently swishing around in a bowl should work if you wanted to attempt it.

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