Moto G 3rd Gen low batter life and overheating

Hello, I bought a moto g 3rd gen in november 2016, and lately it has been getting very warm and the battery lasts only 4 and a half hours on incredibly light use (I read one email and added a few reminders otherwise it was on standby), does anyone know what is going on?

Restart in Safe Mode to see if one of your downloaded apps is using up too much battery.

One of the older discussions noted that they were able to trace similar issue to a magnetic flip cover…so you can look into that if that applies to you.

Moto G overheating

If Safe Mode doesn’t help, try clearing your cache

Clearing the Cache

The last thing to try would be

Factory Reset

If your issue survives a Factory Reset, then you are probably looking at hardware failure.

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if @amitl’s advice doesn’t solve your issue please let us know and also please check and report on your cell signal strength at the time of the issue and whether you are connected to working wifi at the time.

i ask about cell signal strength because the Moto G 3rd gen is a “CDMA” type device (everything prior to RW 3.0, the most recent set of plans and service from RW, is a CDMA type device). CDMA devices have a dynamic power amplifier on their transmit radios. that is, they can increase the transmit power (and therefore the power usage, creating heat in the device) when the cell tower is more difficult to “talk to”. if the cell signal strength is low and you are not connected to working wifi it may point to the CDMA radio being in a high power state. in this case you could test whether the symptoms are alleviated by putting your phone in airplane mode.

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